What makes DuraReady so different from the Durable/Permanent labels listed on Google and Yahoo?
The labels you see listed on other sites are usually pre-printed labels from label converters and printers.  They cannot be printed
On-Demand with Direct Thermal  printers. In most cases you order rolls of pre-printed labels and use them sequentially.

DuraReady allows you to print what ever information you want, when you want, on a durable, long lasting-label with a Direct Thermal
printer! Print variable data on demand. No one else can offer this unique durable label because it's our own patented technology.   
Why are your labels more expensive then what we currently purchase?
If you're using a direct-thermal printer such as a Dymo Labelwriter you're not doing an apple to apple comparison.  DuraReady are
thermal-transfer labels and require a label and ribbon to create a durable image.  They require more costly materials then the regular
direct-thermal labels you currently use.  If you're interested in our plastic labels the material costs are even higher but then again the
durability levels far exceed any standard Dymo label.  When you factor in the cost savings from reduced re-labeling the DuraReady labels
can prove more economical then your current direct-thermal labels.  Or Durable labels also allow you to create brand new labeling and
tagging applications for your current hardware.

If you own a thermal transfer printer you should find our cost are very close to the combined price you're currently paying for labels and
ribbons.  Additional savings can be gained with reduced down-time due to improperly installed ribbon and reduced ribbon installation
training costs.
What's the best label for me to choose?
That depends on your durability requirements.  If you need a long lasting label that won't discolor with exposure to light, sun or handling in
any indoor environment then our economical paper label could be the right choice.  If you need resistance to moisture,  abrasion,
chemicals or higher temperatures then one of our plastic labels would be a good candidate.  For outdoor applications or exposure to large
temperature ranges or humidity or freeze then our polyester labels could fit the bill.
We already own a thermal transfer printer why would I need your DuraReady labels?
To save time and money.  Have you faced the continual support headaches caused by improperly installed ribbon?  What about  the
hassle and expense of ordering both ribbon and labels?   Are you doubling your effort when your ribbon and labels inevitably end up on
different replacement schedules?  DuraReady eliminates these problems and let's you print your thermal transfer labels with greater
effciency, less waste and fewer headaches..
I think my current Direct Thermal labels work fine why all the fuss over durability?
You might not realize how delicate your direct thermal labels really are.  Even the slightest mishandling or exposure to sun and heat can
quickly render the labels useless.  Even with careful handling and storage there’s no guarantee how long the image will last.

Thermal transfer labels have a much longer life by the nature of their construction and can be designed to resist abrasion, heat, sun,
chemicals and moisture.  DuraReady can provide the durability you need and the convenience of direct thermal printers.
What do you mean by label construction?
DuraReady consist of a number of components that make up each label which can be mixed and matched to meet the specific
requirement for the label.  We select the label material, paper or synthetic (plastic).  Then we choose the type of ribbon; wax,
wax-resin or resin.  Then the best adhesive to use; rubber, acrylic or modified acrylic.  Choices are made to meet the specific needs for
the particular label application.
I don’t see the label size or printer I use listed on your site can I still use DuraReady?     
That depends on the capabilities of your printer.  DuraReady works with most direct thermal and thermal transfer printers on the market
today.  Labels can be customized by size, label color, print color, adhesion and resistance to environmental hazards if demand is adequate.
DuraReady looks interesting but can it meet my very strict security requirements?
Yes, we can create a variety of constructions that utilize, tamper evident, tamper resistant and security marked label materials.  
What other useful features are available with DuraReady?
Color and Flash.  That’s right color labels or even color print is available with a number of label constructions.  This includes gold or silver
foil labels, day-glo and florescent labels and glitter label stock too. Ribbons are also available in a variety of colors including red, blue, white
and yellow.
Print durable labels on your current desktop label printer
Save money and time with DuraReady labels  
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